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Tikal Solo - Movie

This isn't complete.. I created it to cheer myself up but I never finished it. There was a bit more I wanted to do, I'm also not happy with some of the animation. Messing about a bit with it.
I'm mostly releasing it cause I'm not sure if I'll ever finish it.. I might, but then I might not.. depends on what I feel like (one of the problems of living with diagnosed depression.. pills work a bit but there is a lot that pills can't help with).
(Click on Image to Download. Zipped AVI (Xvid Codec))

Tikal_analFeel.jpg Tikal_Clothed.jpg Tikal_Facial_2014.png Tikal_Iza.jpg

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jdragondawn   [Feb 07, 2014 pm28 05:29 PM]
Excellent animation. Very hot stuff and looking awesome ^^
Vanja   [Feb 10, 2014 am28 08:56 AM]
Great animation! Very Happy
kiro3215   [Nov 17, 2015 pm30 03:33 PM]
you know,you could add her using a dildo too,that would make the biggest of erections in boys.
tempy   [Nov 18, 2015 am30 05:12 AM]
Possible ^_^ might make another one or just get around to expanding it.
truehypersonic3215   [May 02, 2016 am31 07:00 AM]
hey tempy,did you know that currently,tikal is dead in the sonic franchise? the master emerald was accidentally shattered by that clumsy fool knuckles.
tempy   [May 03, 2016 am31 03:39 AM]
It was shattered in SA, which is believed to have freed her, it was Shattered in SA2, and its not been confirmed at all that she lives there anyway ^_^ besides, the franchise has gone down hill sooo fast since SA2 (in fact, SA2 wasn't very great.. it was a okay game but they removed the Adventure elements so it wasn't an Adventure game.. so why call it Sonic Adventure?) So it doesn't matter at all ^_^ then you get that rubbish Archie Comics lot.. which I don't think anyone wants me to get started on ¬_¬ sooo many problems... I think hiring Ken Penders was one of the mistakes they made.. the guy is credited with being behind the SatAM Movie never being made.. and he isn't an artist, so they got him to draw the SatAM US DVD case.. pure crap..
kiro3215   [Dec 05, 2016 pm31 11:35 PM]
your correct about that,but the truth is....she actually did die,but not by the master emerald being shattered.......suprisingly....she killed herself.....just to save knuckles from a threat....that would kill him in the year 2999......
tempy   [Dec 06, 2016 am31 03:09 AM]
mmm.. why does that sound like Archie Comics crap more then anything official to me.. not that the modern games are up to much but which game has Knuckles being super long lived (STC did and never picked up on it cause it was pretty much Cancelled). anyway.. Source?
kiro3215   [Dec 16, 2016 pm31 12:57 PM]
my source is actually from the official sonic site,its also from tikals official ask blog,i ask her questions,and she answered me on every one.
tempy   [Dec 16, 2016 pm31 03:53 PM]
oh those things.. never have any connection to people that do the game story work.. it's quite funny to watch them try to patch up the amount of mistakes they make, isn't it? ^_^

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