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  • 3rd May 2016- Kiro3215 Says:
  • hey tempy,if you do make a MSDS 2,i have a couple recomendations for you.
    first,you should add scourge as a playable character,and make him easy to get any girl.
    and also,add Fiona to get as a girl.
    and add the chaos emeralds back,but make each one a different color.
    and also add 200 days instead of 100.
    and that's my recommendations,hope you make it!

    Thanks Kiro ^_^ I also very much know that this is not the right scourge. (Image is of the Transformers character by the way.. yeah, quick and rubbish).
    Well, I know very little about the Modern Archie Comics ... erm... version of Sonic and I am fairly happen about that... you insult the fans and the creative staff, and you want people to be interested? no thanks.. anyway..
    I know nothing about the Charater but he is yet another Green Hedgehog. No interest there. Making very girl love him? some form of 80s teenage soap opera badboy character isn't he? again, no interest, so probebly not going to happen. I know Fiona Fox. A Cute gal Tails fell in love with only for her to turn out to be a Robot trap by Robotnik... but then she gave her life to save Tails. Tails was upset and heartbroken and we saw that while she was rusted solid, she was crying for her lost love.. then i think they ruined the character of both her and Robotnik saying he wasn'ts a good creator, he based her looks on a real fox which didn't care for Tails.. very minor interest there.
    Chaos Emeralds.. yep.. In the Sonic classic game series alone there are over 50 DIFFERENT Chaos Emeralds in a wide range of colours and it would be much easier for me to do that now, so it would be something i would do. Making the game longer would also be something i'd do.
    But do i have enough interest in making MSDS2? maybe.. maybe with a different name.. It was based on alot of 80s-early 2000s Dating sims both Japanese and non, but things have changed now, games can be more complex and that is expected. Not too long afterwards, I did make a more complex sim for Ero-Mania "Paradise Hotel"... I learnt alot. I can make the game ALOT better now.. might do it some time, might not. It is stolen alot which I am far from Happy with (Stolen as in not asking me, mostly not crediting me or anything... long story.)

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