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Tempy's Interesting Facts - Mostly of an Adult Nature
  • Pubic Hair In Culture
  • - Ancient Egyptians drew Pubic hair on females in the shape of a triangle. By the Medieval period, Pubic hair was becoming almost unheard of when it came to women in art, but it was more okay for Men. By the 17th Century, it had become an erotic thing and pornographic engravings showed female pubic hair again, as well as being openly shown in Japanese erotica (Also known as Shunga). however, it was more uncommon for women to be shown with pubic hair in western culture until the 20th Century.

    - Japanese Artwork coming into the 20th Century omitted Pubic hair due to it being illegal to depict it, though it is now legal and more artwork shows it. In fact, In Japanese Society, Pubic hair was shown as being very erotic and women are often judged by this. There is, however, a disorder where Women can have little to no pubic hair, and these women were often shunned by mates who often think they are tarts and `dirty`. . This is more uncommon now, but still around in older people and areas.

    - John Ruskin (an art critic from 1800s England) was claimed, by his biographer Mary Lutyens, to be so shocked on his wedding night, by his wife having pubic hair, that he rejected her and annulled the marriage thinking her deformed. However, there is little proof of this and many now think it was due to her menstrual blood that shocked him as Pubic hair in art was uncommon but NOT unheard of, and he would most likely have seen some examples.

    - In 19th Century Britain, Pubic hair from your lover was frequently collected as a gift of love. Sometimes, Men would even wear curls of pubic hair in their hat to show off their potency. In fact, the St. Andrews University in Scotland has a snuff box full of pubic hair from one of King George IV`s mistresses.

    - You can buy Pubic Hair wigs for people with little or low pubic hair.

    - Some women believe it is unhygienic NOT to shave pubic hair, however, it`s the complete opposite. It can get dirty if you don`t wash correctly, but the pubic hair is there to act as a filter to stop a lot of dirt and bits getting into the vagina. It also helps trap natural scent (or Musk) of a women to help attract a mate.

  • Breasts
  • - While many people think men only care about large breasts, surveys show, while alot of men MIGHT say they like big breasts, most of the public is very spread on this issues, with no real `standard` stereotype of what men like. In fact, a `large breast culture` is fairly new. However many researchers believe it came about due to women with larger breasts tending to produce more of the Oestradial and progesterone hormones, which promote fertility.

    - It is uncommon for a woman to have two breasts the same size. while the difference is normally very little, some women can have major differences in size, often feeling they have to undergo surgery.

  • Weight/Build
  • - While most people believed a healthy women was better, The United States preferred thinness over healthiness, and when Hollywood was created, sex symbols were made and forced onto the public as what all women should look like. However, a number of Surveys often show the Men still prefer healthy women compared to very thin ones and that women are often misled into believing that need to make themselves look ill to attract men.

  • Age
  • - Lolicon is a term short for `lolita complex` and is named after the book `lolita`, by Vladimir Nabokov about a middle age man, obsessed with a 12 year old girl. The Complex itself, does NOT refer to children, it refers to an older man (by some years) having a sexual preference for younger people. Though Lolita wasn`t the first of Nabokov`s stories to use this complex, it is the most well know. Another related Complex that it`s like is Ephebophilia, which is when an adult has a preference for adolescents around the ages of 15 to 19. Paedophilia, refers to prepubescents but should NOT be confused with Ephebophilia or the Lolita Complex.

    - If a man or a women has sex with a partner UNDER the age of consent, with their permission, it is still Statutory Rape and illegal. However, many famous people such as Bill Wyman, have gotten away with it due to money and fame without major effects on their career, yet some people, who have gone to a country where it IS legal, have faced trouble when returning home and have ruined their careers.

  • Prefences
  • - While many Fetishes are seen as taboo, one of the most common sexual fetish is uniforms (the most common of which are police officers, Schoolgirls and Nurses) has now started to become more acceptable and a UK online dating company even deals specially for people that are in uniform or fancy those in uniform.

    - While a lot of people will say that people such as Alexander the great was Gay, this is untrue. The term `Gay` (which means male or female attracted purely to the same sex, though these days, women have gotten their own word `Lesbian`, but males have yet to get their own word) is fairly modern. In days of Alexander the great, there wasn`t much wrong with male and female sex partners as Sex was seen purely as an act, and Love was a broader term. Many people and even characters in myth (such as Hercules) had both male and female sexual partners. These days, it would be more correct to label these as Bi-sexual.

    - While it`s more common in America, many people, mostly men, have a fear of Gay males, but a love of gay females. They seem to believe that if a guy is gay, he will try to rape any guy he meets, including the person in question. Often this is a sign that they are not sure of their own Sexual ID, more than that they are gay themselves. They are often `afraid` they might be gay themselves, even if they have nothing to fear more often than not.

    - In Victorian England, Innocence was seen as a good and pure thing. Children were seen to, unlike today, be innocents who were pure. It was not, therefore, uncommon to depict children in this form as little fairies, or other such creatures, often in white (another sign of being pure) or indeed, nude. This was NOT for erotica interest though, But artistic view and innocence. Due to being more comfortable with children and some nude photography he took (among a wide range of other photographs), Charles Dodgson (Lewis Carroll) is often thought to be a paedophile, while most evidence more points to him not having ANY Sexual preference at all, and just like children for being sweet innocent and pure, but not in a sexual way. Too often, people are unable to believe that he could have this form of relationship and they view all `nude arts` as porn.

  • Toys
  • - One of the World`s oldest sculpted Phalluses was found in 2005, in the Hohle Fels Caves, near Ulm in Swabia, Germany. It is a 20cm long pice of polished siltstone, created to look like a male Penis, about 26,000 B.C. It isn`t unheard of, but very rare to find male genitalia representatives from that era and scientists belive, partly due to the highly polished nature, it was in fact a prehistoric dildo.

    - The term Dildo seams to be an interesting one. Some believe it might be named after the Phallus shaped peg used in boat making, which is the origin of the town name of Dildo and dildo Island, in Canada. Other say its based on the Italian word `diletto` meaning Delight. the 1593 Thomas Nashe story `Choices of Valentines or the Merie Ballard of Nash his Dildo` appears to be the first english used of the word. In the 17th Century, the term `Dil Doul` was used in refers to a male penis, as in the ballad `The Maids complaint for want of a Dil Doul`. In Greek, a classic Dildo was called as Olisbos, and one with a scrotum (and more Penis shaped) was a Godemiche.

    - The earliest Dildos were made of Stone, Tar, Wood or other Materials that could be shaped and were firm. In the 15th Century, chinese women would make ones that were made of lacquered wood with a textured surface.

    - Some of the oldest known Double-ended dildos date to the 19th Century but ancient greek artwork often shown Dildo Masturbation was common for single and groups of people.

    - Around 350 B.C, Olive Oil was often used for couples that had problems with Lubrication.

    - About 300. A.D., Penis Extenders were created in the east. These were used by men who had Erectile problems or felt they were `too small` and wanted to pleasure there partners. These would be placed over the penises to make them longer and were first mentioned in the Indian Sex Manual, the `Kama Sutra` and were much better then the fake `natural growth` adverts that go around today.

    - In the later part of the 18th Century, `Justine` was released by the Marquis De Sade. It was very controversial and popularized the use of power play, riding crops, whips, nipple clips and restraints as what was seen as `sexual Deviant Behavior`. It is from his name, that the term `Sadism` comes from.

    - During WW2, Heinrich Himmler, of the German Nazi party, initiated the `field-hygienic project`. This lead to the creation of the first Sex doll, code named `Borghild`. The project was seen as more secret then top secret (Geheime Reichssache) and was meant to counterbalance the sexual drive of Himmler`s Stormtroopers, and lessen the `unnessessary losses` of his troops to street prostitutes. It meant Soliders would not risk there health just for the sake of `a quick adventure`. The Project had a few quality standard guidelines; it had to have synthetic flesh that felt the same as real flesh, it had to be as agile and moveable as the real body, and it had to have realistic feeling organs. When a skin polymer material was created around 1941, the harder task was finding a model. It had to be the Nazi idea of beauty, White skin, Fair hair and Blue eyes, though brown hair was once considered. Franz Tschakert, the lead technician, hoped to cast from a living model and a number of famous female athletes were invited to be the model, including Wilhelmina Von Bremen, and Annette Walter. Tschakert decided this route was the wrong way because nothing was right as it should be the best of all possible bodies. They even asked actress Käthe von Nagy to be the face model, but she declined. It was recorded in Dr. Hannussen`s Log book, that the doll should never become a substitute for the honourable mother at home, and when a solider makes love to borghild, it has nothing to do with love. In the end, three types were Planned. Type A was 168cm, type B was 176cm and type C was 182cm. Type B was the first to go into full production but the project was divided on the Borghild`s breasts. The SS wanted them round and full, but Dr. Hannussen won with a `rose hip form, that would grip well`. The Hair was created to be boyish as it was a part of the fighting force, a field-whore, and not a mother. After a presentation in Berlin, which Himmler and Dr. Chargeheimer examined her orifices, Himmler ordered 50 Borghilds on the spot. However, the Studio was too small to cope with the production, and with other developments in the east, Himmler dropped the plans and cut the budget. By the beginning of 1942, the project was on hold and all documents returned to the SS. It is unknown what happened to the doll made but Tschakert believed it may have either been sent to Berlin, to kept in Dresden, and was probably destroyed.

  • General
  • - Despite what alot of people say, Prositution is far from the oldest Profession. First, it requires a form of payment for sexual favours. In older days, like Pre-history, raping wasn`t something that was wrong, so why would people create some form of currenacy to pay for it? Animals will often tempt a male with food or favour, same as Humans (In old english days, it was common for a girl to NOT give a boyfriend anything unless he brought her dinner first, or promised to help her with something, or visa versa). This isnt really prostitution, why? Cause Prositution isn`t just Sex for money (or currency). Prositution is sex with no-strings attached, anonymity, low-risk. Besides, if Food gathering or hunting, which can be seen as professions due to skill needed and other things weren`t around first, the Prositutes wouldn`t be alive to be able to demand payment.

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