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Mista Flareheight - Rejected!

This is 2 panels from a page of the latest Code 69 Issue (issue 5) which i did.. well, yesturday and maybe a bit on the day before.. Problem is, at the moment it's British summer again so My brain has been half fryed.. There are a bunch of problems with these (including Mista's Tail being missing).. Luckly, today i have been able to scrap these and start all over again, with a much better image (a little bit of rain last night and a little bit duing the day has worked wonders).
Oh and Sorry it's another Rejected Ero pic. If the weather keeps cool, i hope to have some nice stuff.

MihoEnemy_1.jpg MihoEnemy_2.jpg MistaScrewed_Rejected.jpg MistaSleepingPreview.jpg ModelSheet.jpg
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