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Little Dot

Ah, I do love some of the old days of simple characters with simple fun Stories. We have some long running ones in the UK and while i'm not a big fan of some of the things done over time, they are still holding strong and some have been going over 75 years.. in the US.. erm.. they don't seam to last as long.. and decide the way to improve them is for some bad stuff..

anyway.. Little Dot is one of the Harvey Comics characters, often teamed up with Little Lotta, or with some of the Harvey Comics girls with Little Audrey & Gloria.. though for some reason, they didn't have as big a crossover with the over set of Mainstays are Harvey comics, Casper and Wendy. There was kinda two 'universes' the everyday ones with Richie Rich, Little Audrey, Little Dot, Little Lotta, Billy Bellhops and Jackie Jokers, and then the 'supernatural' universe with Casper the friendly Ghost, Hot Stuff the little devil, Wendy the Good little witch.. and.. erm.. the New kids on the block (the Wendy and New kids miniseries was... interesting)..

Back to topic.. Dot Polka loved Dots.. This is my style take on her classic design, not the.. whatever that Harvey Street thing was.. This was a quickie sketch but it turned out REALLY well.. so i just carried on..

KinkyWork.png Kyu.png LittleDotQuick.png LovePoem.txt Lyca2020.png
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