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Kyu - FlatMania

Flatmania was a little fun french canadian (so in both French and English at made at the same time.. the theme song even has the same singer) tv show from 2004 created by Anne-Caroline Pandolfo and Isabelle Simler with a style they had used before, but really ingrainted more. The style was cartoon like animation made mostly from photo clippings. The Plot of the show was a boy called Vincent who was reading a pile of a new magazine 'Flatmania' and was sucked inside. There he met the girl, Kyu. She is able to see portals which would lead them from one magazine to another. Each is a different episode with a theme (like a History Magazine, or a Fashion magazine). Everything is flat (ish) and made of paper, so even they can be folded and stuff and this was used alot as they go through pages and stuff.. It wasn't a fantastic show but not bad. Problem is, out of the 52 13 minitue episodes, only 10 has been released on DVD in English and those dvds are rare and pricey.. the show is easy to come across in all difference lanagues, apart from English.

Anyway.. Wanted to do this image for a while but i was never sure how to handle it.. Do I go for the paper style or not? in the end? no clue.. i would say not. But I'm pretty damn impressed.. I looks alot like the character while being my own style.. so yay.. I did have to miss out her red hair clips cause.. haven't got a great idea of the design of them. Oh and of course, this is her when she is a few years older. Another pretty quick job

Juliette_Romy_2021.jpg KinkyWork.png Kyu.png LittleDotQuick.png LovePoem.txt
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