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W3 (Wonder Three) - Captain Bokko

From Tezuka's "W (wonder) 3", the Tale of the Wonder 3, a team from the Galatic Federation sent to earth in the 60s to see if it's really such a dangerous and savage place that it should be wiped out from the universe. The three are lead by Captain Bokko, who like the others, takes on the shape of a earth Animal so as to blend in. In her case, a Rabbit.

The anime version was released dubbed in the 60s as 'the Amazing Three' in America.

The colours are.. a bit of a pain.. The anime and the original Manga were, of course, Black and White.. the colour images Tezuka did which feature her seam to change her eye colour.. Mostly, her Hair is dark brown, but sometimes more black, her eyes range from Blue, to Brown, or Red..

This is a pretty quick image but.. i'm still not sure i got some of her right.. in my own style of course, but.. not 100% sure..

TikalDay_2014.jpg TikalFurryB.png Tikal_2020.png TLLW_Poem.txt W3_CapBokko.png
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