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Merly the Merlion - Anal Fun

the Singapore 2010 Olympi Games had the first either Youth Olympic Games mascots.

Merly was named by a Tuny Chi Jun of Singapore to get a name 'Mer' from the sea, and 'ly' for liveliness and youthfulness'. She was based on the Singaporean state mascot, and mythical creature 'the Merlion'. Where the traditional Merlion has the Head of a Lion, with the body and tail of a fish, Merly was given limbs but with 'scale' like rims.

Anyway, Cute character, Fun, not seen too much stuff done with her so.. yay ^_^ oh, or anyone a bit dumb, this is her aged up though her official age was never really stated (the term 'cub' which includes legal-human aged teens is the closed given). She is clearly legal in this.

I have a second version of this which I'll release.. tomorrow ^_^

jinny-fanart-gift.jpg Merly_AnimQuick.swf Merly_Anal.png CountessOrlok_Quick.png CatCostumeVanja2020.png
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