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Lyca - Lavender Castle

Lavender Castle was a great Stop-motion show created by Rodney Matthews. He is a painter and artist that then (via a interesting route) got the attention of Gerry Anderson who worked with him to develope it as a show. the bits of CGI were a little basic but not bad, but most of it was Stop Motion. Gerry Anderson was extremely supportive of Mathews, making sure it was HIS vision that happened, and Anderson co-wrote a lot of scripts. Due to his name, the show was sold as 'Gerry Anderson's Lavender Castle'. It did well but due to some internal issues which neither Anderson or Matthews fully understood, the second series, and the movie which was set to go, didn't happen.. Anderson was.. upset with this to say the least.

Anyway.. Lyca, was rescued in the first episode as a medical student who was traveling with pilot Roger. They were saved by Captain Thrice on his quest to find and protect Lavender Castle, a place of mystery and legend through the universe. She then joins him on his Thatched space ship, the Paradox, as the Ship doctor. She is a 'Floran' which is basically.. mm.. a butterfly like race.

As the models were never seen without there clothes, it was tricky to get some of her markings right.. the only ones i invented where were the ones on her arse cause.. that's cute ^_^ She should have wings, which are mostly down like a bit of a cape but i couldn't get them to work right with the image so.. they are being hid. She was voiced by a good actor 'Kate Harbour', who also voiced Captain Thrice's Walking stick, who was given life by Lavender Castle, and hasn't really done a huge lot but did most if not all the female roles in Bob the Builder, a popular kids show which was then redubed for Americans cause.. they hate UK shows (at the time atleast) and then was kinda killed by changing it from nice stop-motion to cheap and ugly CGI..

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