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Chinese Ticket Seller Rabbit Girl

Okay, this one has a weird name but.. yeah.. okay, the cartoon 'Around the world with Willy Fogg' was one of the great BRB Spainish-japanise cartoons (sadly not long later, they decided to drop the japanese animation and the animation became very sub-par.. and alot of the English laguage dubbing and scripts went a bit downhill too.. anyway.. in Episode 13 (and briefly episode 14) of this cartoon version of Jules Vernes "Around the World in 80 days", they are in Hong Kong in 1871 and this cute chinese (well, hong kong) Rabbit girl is selling the tickets for the Ship they want to take.. in both episodes, if you add up her screen time.. It's about 30 seconds.. But i though her design was very cute for such a minor generic character.. So i drew this. Cute voice too. ^_^

There might be a couple of variations of this one going up, since I couldn't decide on a couple of things, but it depends on what I feel about them.

but lets just remember.. This is from the USA dubbing of an Spanish-Japanese animation based on a story about a English gentleman writen by a french man. even without him going around the world, That's a pretty international list already.

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