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Teeny Weeny - Bimble's Bucket

This is Teeny Weeny, Guardian of the Magic Bucket.

Bimble's Bucket was a late 90s British show, kinda the sucessor to the Dreamstone, by Martin Gates Production, many of the same people (writers, cast etc) as the Dreamstone. It told the story of Bimble, who was given a Magic bucket that would give the owner any thin they wished for, in hope to stop the wanna-be Evil Witch from stopping the work of his village, which was to make wool with Fairytales in it.. It makes more sense if you watch the show. Anyway, Teeny Weeny was the guardian who lived in the Bucket and was behind making the wishs come true.

Anyway, I felt like doing this. So I did it. Doubt many will care but that's my life

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