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Custome Tikal Figure

okay around 2006, Discapa released a series of small (1.5 inch) Sonic X capsule toys for release in machines. I know they were released in the UK (£1 machines) and some of the text seams to show possible for release elsewhere in Europe... Anyway.. I was given some, turns out all but 1 (I got Sonic, Chris, Shadow, and 2 Rouges.. No Amy).. What was i going to do with 2 Rouges? i'm not a big fan of the character.. not my taste.. Tikal on the other hand... But Sega has NEVER made a Tikal figure, even though they have made TONS of Big and Froggy.

Anyway.. I made this Tikal from a Rouge Base, you can see some of the work as i stripped it down, made the chest into breasts, but then made them much smaller for Tikal, reshaped the tail, alot of work on the head, some wirecasing for the glove bands etc.. I didn't like to use the default base. It was part of the set of 5. Get all 5, and it builds into a round Sonic X logo.. What's the point of a 1/5th base for Tikal? So i used a Sonic X Action Figure Emerald to make a mold and i made a copy of it, then made two blobs on top of each other, which i filed like mad to make the stone bit. The Emerald was originailly removeable from that stone work, but the nail didn't work out the best, so i cut it down and glued the emerald in place. The Original figures couldn't really stand up on there own in the first place (well.. Rouge couldn't.. much smaller feet) and after removing the high heels and reshaping the feet a fair bit, Tikal sadly didn't want to stand right.. so using the little hole for the normal base, i put a pin in the emerald and bingo! Tikal can stand on the emerald (as any of the other figures can) or off from it. With the base, i think she is now about 3 inchs tall.

The Eyes and Mouth was a bugger, so after a talk with JDD, he pointed me to where someone was selling a pack of Inkjet Decal paper. So using my inkjet photoprinter (a normal one will do) i printed my style eyes and mouth, waited about an hour, cut them out and applied, with some varnish to help them and look great.

Yep, when all painted, it's great.. Sorry the Photos aren't the best, but my Cameras didn't seam to want to take Micro Shots.. i'll have to try again sometime. I did this photos showing her with the Rouge so you can compare. She looks great as a Nudie Tikal. Maybe someday, i'll get some cheap parts to make a fuller sized Tikal.. Or Sega will bother to make a good Tikal Plush or figure.. doubt that though..

Anyway, I hope it looks okay to you guys. My first time really ^_^;

TikalBunnie.jpg TikalChristmas2007.png TikalFigure.jpg TikalFinger.jpg TikalFuck.jpg

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Vanja   [Jan 02, 2012 at 01:29 PM]
Awesome work! ^_^
jdragondawn   [Sep 08, 2012 at 08:18 AM]
Agreed, Awesome work ^^

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