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Madeline - Classic Yellow

"In an old house in Paris, that was covered in Vine
Lived Twelve little girls, in two straight lines.
They left the house at half-past-nine
In two straight lines, in rain or shine.
The Smallest one was Madeline."

If you don't know Madeline, you should either not be bothered to read this, or learn. First published in 1939, Madeline was created by Austrain author Ludwig Bemelmans and he wrote.. well.. 7 stories, though the 7th is kinda fairly new in the way it was first released in 1999, after being lost for a long time and only found well after his death. Like the other girls, Madeline does have parents, and is at the bording school of Miss Clavel (not a nun)...

Like the Classic Blue, this is the same image, but in her Yellow outfit. In a way, the Yellow is more original but.. it's a bit of a long story ^_^ either way, this is the same but in yellow, for those that perfer her in Yellow. I might do one more.. but don't count on it.

Lyca2020.png MadelineBlue.jpg MadelineYellow.jpg MeikoKai_1.png Merly_Anal.png
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