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Kinky O'Bunbun design work

Just been released on Ero is my game 'Kinky's Carrot Hunt' which is a 3D maze game. And while not my first attempt at doing 3D, the first thing to come to anything really. The Player plays as this Pink Bunny, Kinky O'Bunbun.

Anyway.. This is just showing off a bit. First you see my original sketch for her design which isn't that fantastic, but wasn't meant to be a great bit of art, just a basic design, with some very basic notes. Second is two of the turn around sheet i design to show her in 3D for modelling. I'm more a fan of .. what some called low-poly (which is much higher then what i call low.. i'm an old fashion guy). I tried to start modelling her but i've never been that great with 3D modelling.. So step in JDragonDawn. He helped out and did that model of her. I then animated it and set it up for the game. He was more used to doing more polygons then this but I think he did a good job. Maybe he'll tell ya about it.

Anyway, the Game is for Ero-Mania so go there and join up if you want to play it.

Jehanne.jpg Juliette_Romy_2021.jpg KinkyWork.png Kyu.png LittleDotQuick.png
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