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[SWF Game] - Macro Sonic Dating Sim.1.1 - 2021 Updated Version!

2021: This is the 2021 Ruffle updated version so it's now fully playable here via Ruffle. However, two movie clips do not play but do not impact anything really.

Older Flash only version can be downloaded here :

Don't thank me.. well, not much. My idea is once something is 'officially' complete, it's done and time to move on to another project. But this got alot of support and special thanks to JDD for pushing this one. Together, with him as bug-testing, we have created MSDS.1 yep.. point one.. ^_^ This is an updated version that fixs not only bugs, design mistakes and spelling mistakes, but adds something you have wanted but not seen in this.. Thanks to my work on 'Paradise Hotel', I was able to give you this... a SAVE FEATURE!!

Oh and Yes, i do read comments ^_^ Hope you enjoy this.. it was a bugger of a job in places..

MSDS_CumTikal.png MSDS_Final.swf MSDS_FuckAmy.png MSDS_LickSally.jpg MSS1.swf

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fur-riffic   [Jan 02, 2010 pm31 09:31 PM]
!!!SPOILER ALERT!!! (copied from the first MSDS)

Frostwolf300 [17 mei 2009 om 19:02 ]
ok im working on a paper that can help remember the stuff you anser like whats my birthday and stuff but its not done and sally is the hardess to get so it will take some time until I finish the paper... and here it is!

Breast size: 38A
Favorite song: Green Garden
Favorite item: iza dolls
Favorite stat: knowledge.
Birthday: December 23rd
Breast size 32C
Favorite song: Life of the Party
Favorite item: flowers
Favorite stat: strength
Birthday: October 4th
Breast size: 34C
Favorite song: Every Rose Has a Thorn
Favorite item: gold rings
Favorite stat: charm
Birthday: September 23rd
Breast size: 32b
Favorite song: Pathetique
Favorite item: Flowers
Favorite stat: Knowledge
Birthday: December 18th

TAILS (teehee) -
Favorite stat: knowledge,
Favorite item: Iza dolls,
Birthday: November 21st ,
Favorite song: Flying True,
Height: 2.7
Favorite stat: Charm
Favorite item: Gold Rings
Birthday: September 23rd
Favorite song: Speedlines
Height: 3,3
Favorite stat: Strenght
Favorite item: Flower
Birthday: June 15th
Favorite song: Fighting Aces
Height: 3,4

Knuckles: 2nd doll
Marine: "smartpower" (without caps)

Day 10, 20, 30, 45, 60, 70, 80. Requirments to get each emerald are as follows; Day 10. 2 flowers & 2 Iza dolls. Day 20. 2 flowers & 2 rings.
Day 30. 4 rings. Day 45. 4 Iza dolls. Day 60. 2 rings & 2 Iza dolls
Day 70. 1 ring 3 flowers. Day 80. 3 rings & 1 Iza doll.

talk till exp is 20 then ask is ok. wait till later for gifts (between 50 - 100) sooner if they hint at a gift. date usually isnt going to happen till after 400. bit more with some characters (still working on which exactly)

Palace Gardens: $200 Lake Cetza: $10
641 Resteruant: $400 Hotel: free

thats about everything i have. also if your only in the game to just fuck (not reach the macro level) talk with whom ever you are looking to bang and right click your mouse. then just keep clicking play till you get to the hotel scene (it will show sexual acts to do) from there you can fuck em all you want. also to get the elusive rouge and shadow sex scenes is a bit tricky. you have to miss a few emeralds and head to the "streets" inbetween the 5th and 6th window to the right side is the side of a building check that to get to the alley. it may take a few try's and even losing a few emeralds you already have but you'll eventually get it. but truth be told the scenes aint the best so do this only if your bored with the rest of the gals/guys you've fucked already (pic posted is from the rouge alley scene). also to get to the macro sex scene you must input the first date you kissed. this however does not include the fireworks, theatre, tunnel of love, or anyother story based date. its only from clicking on date when you talk to them and getting a kiss afterwards. as to getting a kiss everytime I do 4 talks 2 gifts and then kiss. works everytime unless you answer a question wrong/give wrong gift.

thats all i got for now hope everyone finds this usefull and has fun with the game. just remember to clean up the clean up your keyboard.. the keys keep sticking.

well someone told me it.. soo yea
Alphacat69   [Jan 10, 2010 am31 07:14 AM]
This is awesome! way to go for the new update Cool
Fiona Fox   [Jan 14, 2010 am31 08:26 AM]
I could be wrong, but I think I found a bug or glitch. I completed the game as Tails with Sally, but I get the Bad Ending when I put in the correct number. I've tried nearby numbers and none of them work, either. Aside from that, the game is great!
jdragondawn   [Jan 14, 2010 pm31 08:25 PM]
I spent many, many hours playing this and never had a problem with the date entering at the end (and I often play with Sally with Tails)... it requires the date you first take her out on a date (using the "DATE" button) when you meet them. It however doesn't want the date they take you to go to the cinema or the fireworks. Maybe you assumed that was a date?
b5link   [Feb 09, 2010 am28 04:25 AM]
Still can't find a way to get to Rouge, except when I answer one of her questions, then gives me an emerald...
HedgehogofMagicant   [Feb 15, 2010 pm28 07:12 PM]
I wonder if in the future you could make sure all characters that can be dated appear in at least two places each. (It is a bit of a let down that Sally appears only at the beach.) I think the option to play as the female characters would also be a good idea for a future update. There are still some typos, but it is readable. Overall it is not a bad game.
s445805   [Feb 16, 2010 am28 12:03 AM]
I never had any luck with getting anything more than a date and a kiss from the guys. Is it actually doable?
Hentai369   [Feb 25, 2010 am28 01:09 AM]
I love the game. However, I still can't figure out how or where to enter the date of the first kiss so I can get the macro stage. Am I missing something obvious?
forestscreen   [Feb 25, 2010 pm28 05:58 PM]
i see knuckles more then i see mighty Sad
seriously, i see mighty once to every 30+ times i see knuckles.
Hentai369   [Mar 02, 2010 pm31 09:47 PM]
I feel stupid. Embarrassed I never gave the girl any emeralds. I thought I just had to collect them. Live & Learn!
Project_Demise   [Mar 03, 2010 pm31 08:59 PM]
Can't seem to get sally. It's Day 44, I have 202 knowledge and 214 exp with her, yet I can't even ask her.

Edit: Wait, nevermind. Had to train my strength too.
SpeedyLizzard14   [May 09, 2010 pm31 03:39 PM]
...Crud, I'm on the last question, and I forgot the name of the palace.
bigman   [Mar 30, 2011 pm31 11:36 PM]
Wanted to know is there another happy end were they dont sit on u, cause once they got married once and other people i ask said thats never happen to them yet. I rather have that as my happy ending anyday.(Anyone know how to get that ending)
sonic322   [Apr 21, 2011 pm30 03:58 PM]
I would love to see this game updated. Razz
bigman   [Oct 01, 2011 am31 01:54 AM]
Will there be a update of this game??????????????
rockosocko   [Jul 24, 2013 am31 11:16 AM]
This game doesn't work for me. Sad
retro37   [Apr 01, 2014 am30 09:11 AM]
Please tell me you're continuing this! I'd love to see more sonic girls, such as Blaze, or Cream.. And maybe more fleshed out Rouge/Shadow scenes!
tempy   [Apr 14, 2014 pm30 05:13 PM]
Rare reply: Possible. There are reasons that stop me, and reasons to do it.. but at the moment, reasons against are a bit stronger..
retro37   [Mar 14, 2015 am31 04:55 AM]
I do have to say, that if you do update this (or do a sequel) you're gonna make a lot of people happy! I'm pretty bummed out that this game is so small, there aren't any other Sonic dating sims out there!
kiro3215   [Nov 17, 2015 pm30 03:27 PM]
Embarrassed Embarrassed Embarrassed Embarrassed i would really like to see another version of this,with one of my personal favorite sonic gals,cosmo,that way,you can re-enact sonic X.

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