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[SWF Game] - Macro Sonic Dating Sim- Final Build

2021: this game can no longer be completed online due to Adobe removing Flash and the current replacement I use, Ruffle, not being 100% compatible right now

This is it! Final Build release of MSDS! too much to say here so.. just enjoy!

EDIT: Please Note- This version has been supersede by MSDS.1 (Found also on this site at which includes a number of bug fixes, spelling corrections and a Save Feature.

MSDS_AnalAmy.png MSDS_CumTikal.png MSDS_Final.swf MSDS_FuckAmy.png MSDS_LickSally.jpg

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nextime   [Nov 08, 2009 am30 01:09 AM]
All hails Tempy.
SonicFox   [Nov 10, 2009 am30 06:56 AM]
How do I answer the macro's question? Like the context, just Day whatever? NVM, you just put the number. Ex: 28.
bigfurry7   [Dec 03, 2009 am31 09:40 AM]
Still can't see Shadow in this game..... Neutral
Unholy D   [Dec 08, 2009 am31 12:59 AM]
I'd have like more options and a greater selection of characters but given this is the first of what I assume to be many, it's good. Not great, but good. Can't wait to see more work.
Stedmister   [Dec 12, 2009 am31 12:19 AM]
nice to have spooge animations in the requal mode
nextime   [Dec 12, 2009 am31 12:58 AM]
I wonder, if Tempy read us ? You know, with a hack version of this flash, it is possible to have sex with Shadow and Rouge.
Stedmister   [Dec 12, 2009 am31 06:30 AM]
found some spelling errors in your flash can't remember where
bigfurry7   [Dec 12, 2009 am31 09:57 AM]

You would need the files (pictures, sounds, and coding) tempy used plus the program (blade engine professional) she used to edit this game. Without the original files the game just freezes on you if you even try to edit it.

However I would love to edit it if I had the time to do so Rolling Eyes
nextime   [Dec 12, 2009 pm31 09:04 PM]
For bigfurry7 :

Thanks for the informations. For my part, i don't need this. Because I have finish the game, thrice. Thus, i prefer wait a second version or a MSDS 2
Revert   [Mar 07, 2010 pm31 11:42 PM]
If anyone knows a method to getting Rouge or Shadow that works please do cause most of the ways that ive seen in the comments either are too vague, and don't give good info or is cheating. Cause Ive been gettin Emeralds from Rouge and Shadow but nothing is happening. And the alleyway isn't opening up for me. I just need help getting into the alleyway.
Rddy0011   [Jun 09, 2011 am30 09:58 AM]
@foxxytails: To get the good ending, first you have to collect all chaos emeralds and give them to your lover. After that, you will have the remember the date of your first DATE. If you did this well, at the end you will see a macro and you will have to input what date was your first date, after you are done you will get the good ending Smile Hope this helps Cool
shu   [Jul 08, 2011 am31 03:55 AM]
I can't seem to find tails as Sonic.
sonia3   [Jul 29, 2011 pm31 07:46 PM]
A MSDS2 would be awesome! MSDS is my favoutite Dating Sim ever and I played EVERY dating sim on newgrounds.
Kahn   [Aug 12, 2011 am31 11:08 AM]
Is there a download available? I'd like to play this when I'm not online. Thanks.
supersora   [Aug 23, 2011 pm31 05:05 PM]
How is it possible to win? What exactly do I need to do? (Amy)
Hands Solo   [Mar 01, 2012 pm31 05:46 PM]
Would be great if it had a save option. If he is making Macro Sonic Dating Sim 2, then that would be perfect. Because I was so close to getting into Amy's pants with Tails when i clicked on the number one for these comments and i lost EVERYTHING!!!!!!!! I got so mad. And can anybody tell me how to get the chaos emeralds? Thanks Razz Razz Razz Razz Razz Razz
RGMania   [May 06, 2012 pm31 04:22 PM]
@Hands Solo. There is another version of this available that does have a Save function, its called Updated Version
Blazingrage   [Mar 20, 2013 pm31 03:50 PM]
Shadow and Rouge come during the chaos emerald intervals go to the city streets on any day they might show up (you need an emerald) in between the fifth and sixth window to the right is an alley that is where rouge or shadow will show up I fucked rouge multiple times
kiro3215   [Oct 18, 2015 pm31 08:12 PM]
hey,can you fuck rouge? Embarrassed
tempy   [Oct 20, 2015 am31 07:08 AM]
Yes and No. First, I would check play the .1 updated version instead of this version. Comments have been made saying about Rouge.

Comment 103 to 122 of 122
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